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W/B 27th April 2020

Warm up game- The Beanstalk!

  1. Journey up the beanstalk


You're going to journey up the beanstalk into the land of the beans to look for the one and only magic bean which grows anything you could wish for.

2. What would you grow?


Crouch down low like a small bean growing from a shoot and then stretch up tall and high like a bean sprout.

3.Climb the beanstalk



Look for the beanstalk your home, for example, steps,a plant or a tree and, when you find it, pretend to climb using high knees and arms to help pull you up.


4. Meet the runner bean


When you meet the runner bean (family) run and run.

Stop when you see hear ‘red’ and go when you hear  ‘green’ .


5. Hi 5 the runner bean


Stop and practise hi 5s and, when you hear ‘green’


6. Look out for the tickly giant

On the cue “Tickly giant” (family), quickly turn into frozen beans so you can’t be seen.

If you move, you might get tickled!


7. Meet the broad bean


You next meet the scary broad bean (family) so take huge steps, high and slow steps and noisy steps.

Make scary faces at each other as you stomp around.


8. Meet the jumping bean


Jump high in the air while the jumping bean (family) claps the rhythm.

It might be fast, slow, simple or even quite complex.


9. Meet the baked bean



When you hear “Baked beans” fall to the floor and sleep for 5 seconds.



Challenge: What other beans can you make- jelly , frozen, jumping, string?

Think of actions for them


Weekly Physical Challenge

Work with a partner, taking turns as ‘catcher’ and must come up with different ways to start, move and catch the ball(s).

Use the ideas below to make the activity more or less challenging depending on how you’re finding it