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W/B 27th April 2020

Weekly Challenges – 27th April 2020

This week we are exploring movement.

We are going to:

React and move quickly.

Catch a ball.

Slow down with control after each catch.

  • Run forward very quickly on a signal (clap/ sound), exploring different start positions to see which works best.
  • Run forward very quickly on a signal and stop quickly on a second signal, exploring different ways to slow down and stop to see which works best.
  • Bounce and catch a big ball on the spot. Then do the same with a small ball.
  • Do the same but see how many times you can clap before catching the ball.
  • Throw a ball up high in front of you, let it bounce and move to catch it. Throw the ball further away from your body to make it more challenging.

     Now think carefully about how we start to move really quickly.


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