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W/C 01.06.20

This week in English we will be starting a new learning journey.

All of our learning for reading and writing is always based around a book.


For the next few weeks we will be learning through the book ' Lost and Found - I am so excited as it is one of my favourites (Miss Dyke).



Below you can see the activities we will do in school this week.

It is up to you how much you get done in one day but we would recommend doing a little each day. 



Monday- Back to basics

We would like you to practise writing simple sentences. In school we are going to be writing about how we feel but you could choose anything you like to write about, for example your favourite book, animal, a recipe, your family etc.

Remember to:

  • Use a capital letter
  • Use finger spaces
  • Use your sounds to spell
  • Use a full stop



Tuesday - Look at the front cover of Lost and Found and predict (guess based on what you can see) what the story will be about.

Can you see who the author is?

Do you know any other books by this author?

What do you think will happen?

Who are the characters?

What objects are on the front cover? What might these be for?



Wednesday- listen to Lost and Found

We will be reading the story Lost and Found this week. Please find the link below.






We will be writing some sentences about the penguin using dictation. This is where the adult gives the child a sentence to write. This means the child can focus just on the skills needed to write rather than having to thinking about what to write.


Chilli challenges –


Mild: It is a penguin.

Medium: It is a penguin. The penguin is sad.

Hot: It is a penguin. The penguin is sad. The penguin is lost. Then write your own sentence using and.


We will also think about how the penguin is feeling at the beginning of the story. 

These describing words are called adjectives. Try to come up with as many adjectives as you can to describe how the penguin feels. We will also be completing some more dictated sentences.


Chilli Challenges 

Mild: Draw the penguin and label it with adjectives to describe how he feels.

Medium: Draw the penguin and write the dictated sentence: The penguin is upset. Then write your own sentence.

Hot: Draw the penguin and write the dictated sentences: The penguin is upset. The penguin is miserable and he is lonely. Then write your own sentences.