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W/C 08.06.20

This week in English, we will be continuing to explore the book 'Lost and Found'.



Below you can see the activities we will do in school this week.

Remember: It is up to you how much you get done in one day but we would recommend doing a little each day.





Step 1: Find a toy animal. If you don’t have one, think of an animal you like.


Step 2: You are going to make a label as if your animal was lost. Draw a label or use the template below.



Step 3: Choose 3 adjectives to describe your animal and write them on your label.

Here is an example:






Step 1: Listen to the story again by watching the video below.

Step 2: You are now going to put the story into order. Draw a picture of what happened at the beginning, middle and the end of the story.

You can use the boxes below or use your own format to show this.










Today, we are going to be learning about the past and present tenses.

We will be reading words in the past tense and writing them in the present tense.


Step 1: Click on the link below to help you understand more about these tenses if you need to remind yourself.

Step 2: Now try changing the past tense verbs below into the present tense.





















Today, we are going to write instructions for the boy in the story.

Here is an example:


Title - How to help someone who is lost


1. First, check in the lost and found office

2. Then, ask the birds if they know where the penguin is.

3. Finally, ask the duck.





Today, you are going to work hard and write a sentence using 'and'.

Describe the penguin using 3 adjectives.


E.g. The penguin is black, small and lost.