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W/C 15.06.20

Monday - Geography

In Geography, we have learnt about our local area. Take a walk with your adult. See if you can spot the following items on the sheet below and record where you spotted them.


Tuesday - Science

Today, we would like you to go on a wild plant hunt. Make a note of each plant you find and let us know which one you saw the most!


Wednesday - PE

Have a go at the 'Bop it' challenge which helps to develop your hand-eye coordination. When finished, see if you can come up with your own game using a paper ball.

Thursday - DT

Today, we would like you to try creating stick puppets. If you don't have lolly sticks, you could try using straws or rolling up pieces of paper.

Need some inspiration? Why not create Lost and Found stick puppets to match our English learning!


Friday - Art

Today, we are going to try 'Leaf Art'!


Step 1: With an adult, venture outside and find some leaves.


Step 2: Arrange the leaves on a piece of paper so they look like animals.