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W/C 15.06.20



This week in English, we are going to write our own non-chronological reports. A non-chronological report is a non-fiction report which is not written in time order. The report is focused on a single topic and includes various facts about this topic. Topics could include countries, animals, religions, planets or sports.


Below is an example of a non-chronological report on polar bears.


By the end of the week, you will be producing your own non-chronological report on penguins.




Below you can see the activities we will do in school this week.

Remember: It is up to you how much you get done in one day but we would recommend doing a little each day





As the report will be about penguins, we would like you to

to find out as much as you can about penguins. You can use Google to find as many interesting facts as possible.

You can make notes or an adult can do this for you. Here are some to get you started:



If you are struggling to find any information/facts, then check out the PowerPoint below.


Today, you are going to use the facts you found on Monday to start to make a report. You can type them on a computer, write them out on a piece of paper or glue the facts down. At school we will be writing each fact on a piece of paper and sticking it on a bigger sheet to make it like a poster. See the examples below for ideas.

You can do it however you like and be as creative as you like.

Make it look interesting by drawing pictures or sticking images on. If you can do bubble writing, why not add some for your title?


Please send us a picture of your finished report. We would love to see them and we can print them out to display in the classroom.


If you would like a template to help you structure your report, you will find one below.


Pretend to be a reporter and read your report to your family.

Teach them about penguins. I am sure they will be very interested to learn from you.


Remember, when reading out loud, speak loud and clear (but do not shout).

If you can, video your child and email it to us - we would love to hear your report and listen to their great reading.