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W/C 01.06.20



In Maths this week we are going back to basics and revisiting some of the objectives we have learnt this year. We need to focus on counting forwards and backwards to 100 so see how which number you can get to and challenge yourself to go further next time! 


Number formation

It's really important we learn to form our numbers correctly to write our numbers properly. Look at these number formation rhymes to help you! 

Chilli Challenge: 

Mild - Write your numbers to 10 forwards and backwards. 

Medium - Write your numbers to 20 forwards and backwards. 

Hot - Write your numbers to 50 forwards and backwards. 



We did lots of addition before school closures so we just need a quick reminder of this. 

Chilli Challenge:

Mild - Use practical objects to add two numbers under 10 together,

e.g. 7 + 2 = ___, 5 + 3 = ___

Medium - Use practical objects or drawings to add two numbers together

(you might be able to cross the tens barrier!) e.g. 8 + 4 = ___, 7 + 6 = ___

Hot - Use drawings to add two numbers together which cross the tens barrier,

e.g. 6 + 8 = ___. 11+ 5 = ___