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W/C 22.06.20

Monday - History

In History, we are going to be learning about Queen Victoria. For the first part of our lesson, we are going to be learning about what a ‘queen’ is.


Step 1: With your adult, talk about and answer the following questions:

  • What is the ‘royal family’?
  • What is a 'queen'?
  • Who is the queen?
  • Who else has been queen?


Step 2: We are going to be learning about Queen Victoria. She was the queen during the Victorian era (we have previously learnt about Victorian households). Look at this image of Queen Victoria. What questions do you have when looking at her? Write a list of questions. E.g. Why isn’t she smiling? How long was she the queen for?



Step 3: You now need to answer the questions you have come up with. Watch the following video:

If you still have unanswered questions, use the internet to help you find the answers.




Tuesday - Science

In Science, we are going to be learning about amphibians. Watch the BBC Bitesize videos and answer the questions.




Wednesday - PE

Following on from last week's 'Bop it' challenge, today you need to add a catching element to the game too. Watch the YouTube video below to find out more.

Thursday - Music


Step 1: Listen to the clip of music below.

Step 2: Complete the tasks.





Friday - DT

Create a boat with your adult using resources found around the house or outside. Will your boat float, or will it sink? Email your class teacher to let us know! See below for ideas.