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W/C 29.06.20

Monday - Geography

In Geography, we are learning to name and locate the four countries of the UK and their capital cities.


The four countries of the UK are:


Step 1:

Watch this video about life for children in each of the four countries. Can you spot what their capital cities are called?


Step 2:

Label the countries and their capital cities on the map. For bonus points, see if you can research the names of the surrounding seas with your adult. When you are finished, you can shade each country with a different colour.

Tuesday - Music


Saint-Saens lived and worked in Paris and became very well known as a composer, pianist and organist. Lots of other composers admired him and his skills. He wrote operas, instrumental music and orchestral music. One of his best loved compositions is called ‘The Carnival of the Animals’ and it features different ‘movements’ (bits of the music) all written about different animals.




Listen to the Introduction music which leads into The Lion.

Imagine The Lion prowling around looking for food. See if you can hear when The Lion roars.
Question: What instruments can you hear in this piece?


  • ____________________________


  • ____________________________


  • ____________________________



There are lots of other animals during this piece of music, but we are going to pick out a few
of them to listen to.


The first one is The Cuckoo. It is very hard to see a cuckoo in real life, but you can sometimes hear them at the start of Spring. Listen to The Cuckoo and look at the lovely pictures.

Question: How many times do you hear the sound ‘cuc-koo’?


  • ______________________________________


The next piece is called The Fossils. Although not a live animal but linked to the animals with bones.
Listen to the music using the listening map. When ‘B’ is played there is a tune that you may know. Can
you name that tune?

Question: Can you name the instruments from the listening map?




Wednesday - PE

Try the Avengers home workout!

Thursday - Science

Watch the video about fun experiments you can do at home. Choose one (or more!) of the experiments to have a go at yourself.

Friday - Art


Today, we'd like you to have a go at leaf painting. Find a leaf and paint it so that it looks like an insect!

If you don't have paints, you can draw an outline of a leaf, then colour it in instead.