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W/C 29.06.2020


We're going to re-watch the film. I want you to think about the events that happen on the bridge between the bear and the moose.


Let's create a story map of events for this.



Today we are going to be acting. We will use role play to recreate what happens in the film.

Picture 1
Ask your family to join in with you. What conversations will you have?



Today you are going to be thinking about how Bear and Moose are feeling. Take at the picture below. What is each of them thinking as they cross the bridge? How do they look?


Use the work sheet below to record your ideas.



Yesterday you made a list of how the characters were feeling at each point.


Today can you show using just your facial expressions how each character was feeling at different times?


Think about some of the speech you used in your role play on Tuesday, don't worry if you didn't or can not remember have a think about what you think they might want to say. Can you show how they are feeling using your tone of voice?


Today think about the rabbit and racoon on the bridge.



What do you think they would say to each other?

How would they say it? (What tone of voice would they use?)


How is this different to the bear and moose?