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W/C 29.06.2020

Hi Year 1 ! Thank you to all of those who sent in their maths work last week. We will be continuing to work on our understanding of place value in numbers up to 50 this week too.


Work through the sheets you can see below. It is up to you how much you complete in a day, but try to complete most of the sheets by the end of the week.


The simplest way to work through the sheets would be:




All children should try to reach the 'Assessment' questions.

If you feel as though your child is struggling, make sure they have a go at most of the practise questions. Don't forget to email their class teacher too to ask for help.

If you feel that your child is grasping the learning well, they may be able to skip the 'You Do' or 'Practise' questions and have a go at the 'Assessment' questions early on. They should also be trying the 'Greater Depth' sheets.


You can write the answers out on a piece of paper or if you have a printer the questions have been provided in a printable format.




We are going to be comparing numbers using the following symbols:


For example:


25 > 12

(25 is greater than 12)


One way children like to remember this is by picturing them as 'crocodile jaws'.


This can be a useful way to help children remember. However, please don't encourage them to draw the teeth whilst writing out the symbol!



You Do questions

Practise questions
Assessment questions
Greater Depth questions