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Wednesday 1st April

Work through the reasoning paper below. There are some tips under to help you through the questions. The only thing you haven't been taught this year is how to find the radius, diameter and circumference of a circle but I have given you instructions below. Do your best - keep up the hard work. 

Some tips to help you with this paper:



1kg = 1000g

1L = 1000ml

1m = 100cm 

1cm = 10mm



ALL percentages (%) are out of 100. 

50% = a half

25% = one quarter

20% = one fifth

75% = three quarters



Adding and subtracting fractions - the denominator must be the same

Multiplying fractions - multiply numerator then denominator

Dividing fractions - flip the second number and then multiply 



The mean is when you add the numbers together and then divide them by the amount in that category 



The radius is half the diameter - so if you are given the diameter and asked to find the radius then divide by 2. On the other hand, if you are given the radius and asked to find the diameter, multiply by 2. 

The circumference is found by 3.14 x radius