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Wednesday 1st April

Today's English task consists of three different parts:

1. Revision of Active and Passive voice 

2. A reading comprehension which has been split into two parts

3. Writing a persuasive letter - remember the skills you have been taught! 

During English lessons we always talk about the skills you have been taught that you could use in your writing. Below are some skills that we think would be appropriate when writing your persuasive letter:

1. Persuasive language (take a look at the picture below to help)

2. Modal verbs (e.g. should, could, may, must, shall)

3. Relative clauses (must start with a relative pronoun - see the picture below)

4. Punctuation for parenthesis (brackets, dashes and commas)

5. What level of formality? Is it going to be formal or informal? Think of the language you use to show this. 

Have fun.