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Wednesday 29th April

Wednesday 29th April

Music - Melody and Pitch

Before we start, think back to all of the music lessons you have had throughout your time at school, can you remember what melody and pitch are? Write down what you think it is on your tablet, phone, workbook, whatever you are using for your learning.


Were you correct?

Melody - melody is the tune. It’s the part of the music that you sing along with. A melody is made up of high- and low-pitched notes played one after the other. Catchy melodies often repeat the same series of notes over and over.

Pitch - pitch is how high or low a note sounds.


Singing is all about feeling. You can change the mood of a song by the way it is sung. Some songs make you feel happy or excited, while others make you feel sad or scared.

Think about how your favourite songs make you feel. Listen to it really carefully, can you spot what is causing you to feel that way?


Your task

  1. What is your favourite song at the moment? Find it and listen to it.
  2. Can you write down or describe how it is making you feel? (You might find it easier to draw this instead of using words - it is up to you.)
  3. How does the singer perform?
  4. Write down three things about the music that you think are creating that feeling (is it the words, tempo, pitch or something else?)