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Wednesday 1st April 2020

Whilst we were at school, we were preparing to write a newspaper report. As part of this, we explored the features of a newspaper.


This included the following features:

  • Newspaper name
  • Price
  • Headline
  • Direct quotation 
  • Caption
  • Subheading 
  • Photo
  • Column
  • Lead



Find a newspaper around your house and label the features.




 If you can't find a newspaper at home, you can use this worksheet instead:


Need some help with the features?


Features of a Newspaper Report


  • Headline 

The title of the story- designed to summarise the story and grab the reader’s attention.


  • Photo 

The photograph needs to tell the story


  • Lead

The important first sentence or paragraph that summarises the story and answers as many as possible of the 5 W’S (Who? What? Where? When? and Why?) and H (How?)

e.g. What? Japan won the Women’s World Cup

Where? the final

Who? Japan

Why? won penalty shoot out


  • Paragraphs 

Each paragraph tells one part of the story e.g. Paragraph one: lead, Paragraph two: the match, Paragraph three: the penalty shoot-out, Paragraph four: what else they won.

The last paragraph should sum up the story and bring it up to date.


  • Caption 

The information in or under a photograph which explains what the picture is about.


  • Direct Quotation

The exact words someone uses. Quotation marks are always used. They are included to give the reader the viewpoint of someone involved in the story like an eyewitness or expert. Quotes make a story credible.


  • Columns 

The vertical blocks of text into which a page of a newspaper is divided.




For more examples, download this free poster.