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Wow Wall

Have a read at George's brilliant fact file all about Mary Seacole. Marvel at the well-formed handwriting and clear and precise layout!

Have a look at George's work on the human body. Notice how neatly he has laid it out and labelled it.

Read about the trip Finn did with his mum to Florence Nightingales grave.

Lexi sent in this picture of her home with all its balloons to celebrate her birthday. Hope you had a fantastic day Lexi!

Kehinde showing off his fantastic time-telling skills with this work!

Enjoy George's great use of nouns and adjectives!

Finn wrote a wonderful poem in the style of 'The Snake'. Have a read!

Look at all the fantastic work Kezra has been producing!

George has been working really hard at home. This shows a brilliant collage he made as part of his art work.

Take a look at Wiktoria's brilliant Pyramid that she made while learning about landmarks!

Zayden has been hard at work making a poster about internet safety!

Taye has been hard at work doing his Maths jobs based on money.

Finley created a brilliant set of instructions about how to make a sandwich.

Evie has been busy planting seeds, then had a go at writing some instructions based on what she did.

Amelia has been working hard on learning about the layout and features of a set of instructions.

Jack did an excellent job of creating a set of instructions about 'how to make an omelette'. Good work Jack!

Casper has been practising using conjunctions.