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Year 1

Throughout the Year - The Seasons

During Year 1 we are working scientifically by:

  • Describing changes in four seasons
  • Describing the weather associated with different seasons
  • Comparing how length of day varies within the different seasons
  • Comparing different seasons 

Autumn 1 and 2- Materials

During Autumn 1 and 2 we are working scientifically by:

  • Identifying and naming a variety of materials including wood, plastic, glass, metal, water and rock
  • Describing materials by saying what they look and feel like
  • Describing the physical properties of materials 
  • Comparing and grouping materials based on properties 
  • Beginning to give reasons for why or why not a material may be suitable for a particular purpose

Spring 1 

During Spring 1 we are working scientifically by:

  • Naming some plants and investigating how they grow
  • Naming and describing the parts of a tree
  • Classifying plants as deciduous or evergreen 
  • Naming and describing the parts of a plant