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Year 2

Dear Year 2, 


We hope that you stay well at home and keep your mind and bodies active. We are really sorry that will not be able to complete your SATs as you have worked extremely hard for them. Make sure you stay safe and well over the coming weeks.


Remember to: 

  • Read books 
  • Ask and answer questions about what you've read
  • Work through your SATs books 
  • Complete your homework 
  • Use these online learning links
  • Make use of writing opportunities (writing diaries etc)
  • Practise your times tables


Stay safe, keep learning. We will keep in touch and can't wait for us all to be back together and to hear about all you've been up to. 


Miss Adamson and Miss Lancaster


P.S- There are some ideas of things you could do for English and Maths under your daily home learning


Just a reminder for you all...


We will now be uploading home learning work for the week instead of daily. Keep going with the brilliant work that you have been doing Year 2!
Daily Home Learning
Easter Home Learning

Home Learning

Here are some ideas that you could do for some more home learning:



Our last unit of work in English was looking at The Owl and the Pussycat. This would be a great time to explore some other forms of poetry that you could practise and rehearse. You could also compare this poem with other poems by seeing what is the same and what is different.


For our next writing outcome that we were due to start, we were going to be writing a set of instructions. You could have a look at what imperative verbs are (bossy doing words i.e- put, mix, shake), time conjunctions (words that tell you when something is happening i.e- next, then, now) ,recap noun phrases (the power of 2 or 3 adjectives) and adverbs (words that describe a verb that usually ends in ly i.e- quickly, cautiously, safely). You could use these skills to have a go at writing your own instructions at home. This could be based on any tasks that you are doing at home like baking or gardening. When writing your instructions, think about including a title, introduction, subheadings, what you will need, a labelled picture and a top tip.


We can't wait to see/hear all about them!



For our next unit of Maths, we were due to be learning about measure. This would be a great time to explore how to measure length in centimetres and metres, volume in millilitres and litres and weight in grams and kilograms. Take this opportunity to do lots of practical measuring! Use a ruler and measure different lengths starting at zero. Have a look at how many centimetres are in one metre and use this time to become experts at being able to measure half measures (i.e- 7.5cm, 1.5 cm etc). This is also a good time to explore how to measure liquid. You could use different bottles and measuring jugs to measure water. What will happen if you add more or take some away? Again, take some time to become familiar with half measures such as 450ml. Finally, if you have some weighing scales, experiment with the weight of different objects. You could even do this whilst you are doing some baking!


After you have done this, you could have a go at writing some number sentences using the < > = symbols. For example :


The flour weighed 400g and the sugar weighed 200g

 400g > 200g


Two 500ml bottles of juice and 1l bottle of water

2x500ml = 1l


We hope you have fun with this!


We hope this keeps you busy and to see you all soon!

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