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Year 2

Spring 1 - Away from home


This term in Year 2, they have been investigating what it would be like to live in a different part of the world. They have been exploring the basic human and physical differences between Thornhill and Egypt, as well as the similarities.


Imaging they were living in Egypt, Year 2 wrote letters home to the UK detailing what it was like in the country.

Examples of Work - Away from home

Autumn 1 - Hot and Cold


In Year 2, they explored the differences between hot and cold climates. They compared Africa and Antarctica and answered questions such as, "How would you describe them?", "What might it be like to live there?" and "How are they different to where we live?".


Year 2 also went on a trip to Marwell Zoo to see the types of animals that live in these climates.

Marwell Trip

Examples of Work - Hot and Cold