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Year 3

Autumn 1 - Light

During Autumn 1 we are working scientifically by: 

  • Recognising that light is needed to see things and dark is the absence of light
  • Explaining how light can be reflected
  • Investigating how shadows are formed and find patterns in the way they change
  • Recognising that light from the sun can be dangerous and that there are ways to protect our eyes 

Autumn 2 - Animals including humans 

During Autumn 2 we are working scientifically by: 

  • Exploring how animals get nutrition through their food
  • Investigating the nutritional content of a packed lunch
  • Identifying that humans and some animals have skeletons and muscles for support and movement
  • Identifying bones within the skeleton
  • Sorting animals by vertebrates and invertebrates


Spring 1 - Forces and Magnets

During Spring 1 we are working scientifically by:

  • Identifying the forces acting on objects
  • Identifying where there is a push or pull acting on an object
  • Investigating the effects of friction on different surfaces
  • Noticing that some forces need contact between two objects 

Spring 2 - Forces and Magnets

During Spring 2 we are working scientifically by: 

  • Sorting magnetic and non-magnetic materials
  • Investigating the strength of magnets
  • Predicting if two magnets will attract or repel based on the knowledge of poles
  • Explaining that magnets attract some materials and recap knowledge of forces

Summer 1 - Rocks

During Summer 1 we are working scientifically by:

  • Comparing rocks using scientific language to describe their properties
  • Grouping rocks according to their properties
  • Testing different properties of rocks
  • Describing how fossils are formed 

Summer 2 - Plants

During Summer 2 we are working scientifically by:

  • Identifying and describing the functions of the different parts of a plant
  • Describing how water is transported within a plant
  • Investigating and explaining what is needed for a plant to survive
  • Describing the role of flowers in the life cycle including pollination, seed formation and seed dispersal