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Year 3

Spring 1 - Weather and Effects


This term, Year 3 explored the differences in weather and climate across the world. They began by recapping the continents and oceans, as well as trying to identify different countries in Europe.


Then, they explored the topographical features of the UK and the difference in weather in northern and southern cities. They chose one of those cities and imagined they were there, before writing a postcard home, detailing the climate and geographical features of those areas.


Later on, Year 3 researched climate zones and biomes around the world. The water cycle and its impact on weather was loosely explored.

Examples of Work - Weather and Effects

Autumn 1 - Who lives here?


In Year 3, we used maps and scaled photographs to identify the human and physical features of Thornhill. After that, we compared the urban area of Thornhill with the village Netley. 


As part of our geography focus, we went on field trips to Netley and Thornhill. 

Examples of Work - Who lives here?

Netley Trip