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Year 5

Spring 1 - Volcanoes and Earthquakes


This term, Year 5 explored the key features of the Earth's structure, as well as learning about volcanoes. They learnt about the Earth's different layers, tectonic plates and how volcanoes are created.  As well as that, they examined the advantages and disadvantages of living near a volcano.


Alongside this, Year 5 had a recapping session on cities and counties within the UK

Examples of Work - Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Autumn 1 - The Tudors and North America


In Year 5, they linked their Geography to History by looking at where The Tudors came from. They investigated the human and physical features of North America using atlases. In addition to that, they used atlases, as well as apps on the iPad, to locate places in North America. They calculated distances on maps using scales and string.

Examples of Work - The Tudors and North America