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Sports Premium

Impact of Sports Premium Report 2015/2016


What is the Sports Premium?

The Sport Premium is allocated to schools in order to improve the provision of PE and School Sport, and ensure that pupils may lead healthier lifestyles. Thornhill Primary will receive £9190 for the academic year 2016/2017.


What is the purpose of this funding?

Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but they will have the freedom to choose how they do this.

Possible uses for the funding might include:

  • hiring specialist PE teachers or qualified sports coaches to work with primary teachers when teaching PE
  • supporting and engaging  the least active children through new or additional clubs
  • paying for professional development opportunities for teachers in PE and sport
  • providing cover to release primary teachers for professional development in PE and sport
  • running sport competitions, or increasing pupils’ participation in the School Games
  • buying quality assured professional development modules or materials for PE and sport
  • providing places for pupils on after school sports clubs and holiday clubs
  • pooling the additional funding with that of other local schools.


How does Thornhill Primary School use its Sports Premium?

Thornhill Primary school has established close links with Solent University who have taken over the running of the Southampton School Sports Partnership. At present we are in a Service Level Agreement with Solent to deliver an enhanced package of Sport Provision to the school. In addition, Thornhill Primary school have a full time PE specialist teacher and a 0.5 NQT PGCE PE specialist / Classroom teacher. 


Key Priorities for the school

What will happen?

Key Learning/ Outcome

Budget Allocation

How will this be measured?

To ensure all children have access to high quality PE teaching and engage in excellent learning.



CPD   gymnastics ( NQT Specialist teacher)

realGYM package – course & materials for KS2


Gym progression supported by realGYM – lesson observations.

Pupil survey results

Termly PE assessment data

2 School Games Roadshows

Whole school competitive opportunity with fundamental skills focus.


Increase in competitive participation at Level 1.

Children’s individual performance tracked through competitive challenge outcomes.

3 Edumove projects delivered through OOHL as extension/ support.

Target group of pupils-   PESS based programme of learning linked with phonics.


Class assessment ladders used to identify target group.

Results in phonics test Yr 2

To promote a ‘growth mindset’ and foster an ethos of inspiration and aspiration within Physical Education and School Sport at Thornhill

Real Leaders CPD course

( Specialist PE teachers)


Provide a sustainable project and resources for pupil leadership. Link to play leaders award and outside learning opportunities at Thornhill.

Link to Yr 6 transition and Saints Premier Project.


% increase in children engaged in leadership and volunteering.

Young Ambassadors Programme

Pupil learning opportunities and specific training developing ambassador roles- link to core curriculum development and Pupil Voice.


Young Ambassador ( YA) roles created within Thornhill Primary School.

YA s reporting to and from School Council and outside agencies.


National Playmakers Award Scheme

Year 6 project- developing aspirational leadership skills.


Playleaders support School Sport and outside learning for all pupils.

Additional swimming provision.

Supplement the curriculum swim programme currently in Year 4 to enable sustainable pathways to club links/sports opportunities such as sailing, canoeing and kayaking. ( see taster activities)


12 sessions @ Hamble

Including transport.

Increase in number of children achieving a minimum of 25 m at Yr6

Increase in number of children swimming up to 25m prior to YR 6


Register of pupils reaching  minimum standards for participation in extended water based ASC opportunities.

Access to Hampshire PE conference. ( 2 places)

CPD workshops

Inspirational keynote speakers form elite/Olympic sport.


Establish strong links with sport providers across Hampshire and wider.

Keep up to date with current practice and guidance.

Increase pupil engagement in Level 2 competition and Level 1 city festivals.

Maintain high quality teaching  with specialist PE teacher release for Level 2 competition taking part within the  school day through

  • Use of HLTA alongside specialist PE teacher.
  • Use of established outside provider PE teacher/coach

QTS PE provision- £80 per half day, £135 per day

HLTA provision-


Total allocation £ 1000

KS 2Athletics- 1 day

KS 2Cricket- 1 ½ days

Hants School Games- 1 day

KS 2 football – 4 ½ days

KS 1 festivals- 6 ½ days



Increase in pupil participation in Level 1 & 2 city wide competition as timetabled by School Games Organisers.


Lesson observations identify good or better teaching by coaching cover.

Non-traditional/ Olympic sports taster opportunities


Provision of which to include assemblies,

Taster sessions on site

Half day trip provision

Extended enrichment as subsidised ASC.


Provide opportunity to try a new sport with a locally established pathway into OOSL learning ie Pony Club



Range of taster activities –KS 2

Canoeing/kayaking @ Woodmill Centre/ Hamble

Snowboard/donuts @ Activenation Southampton

OAA/ orienteering @ Itchen Valley Country Park

Climbing@ Whitely Climbing

Horseriding/ stable etiquette @ local providers.

Golf@ Hedge End Golf Centre (emphasis on engagement of KS 2 girls.)

Archery@ on site/ Woodmill

Diving@ The Quays, dryside Talent ID programme in school.

Signpost OOSL taster day sessions for sailing ( YR 5/6)

@ St Denys Sailing Club, Woodmill Activity Centre.


Free access Year 5/6 Girls Netball ASC


Pupil Survey shows increased participation in non-traditional sports.


%age increase in participation of KS 2 girls in ASC sport.

Resource AGT development including accessing Level 3 competitive opportunities.

Keysteps Competition for all Year ¾ children. Pathway of competition to include Breakfast Club with Coaching  for Gymnastics- preparation for Hampshire Youth Games. Target group identified following


Gymnastics AGT established to be tracked through Years 3 to 6.

Pupil Survey shows participation at Level 3 qualification event.

Inspirational environment featuring established sporting figures and past Thornhill alumni.

Clipframes, display boards  high quality posters or similar positioned in corridors and playgrounds.

Helpful hints to success similar to 3Bs boards in outside areas.

Outdoor teaching whiteboard.


Identified within environmental learning walks.


Pupil sampling questions

Olympic athlete visit to school

Assembly and taster session for all children with an Olympic athlete.


Pupil Survey results

Increased participation in PESS.

To provide exciting and stimulating resources for physical activity and outside learning.

Dance Mat competition opportunity x 2

Exciting and challenging fundamental  movement skills competition for all pupils


Individual data for cohort Whole School Celebration

Celebration of progress and achievement in each session.

Whole School Pupil Survey

Interactive ICT based sampling using key questions to gather all pupil views and %age level of engagement in PESS and OOSH learning.


Report and analysis of data, including year on year comparisions for all cohorts.

Replenish equipment for Fundamental Movement and Intra school Competition within sessions.

Extend ‘ creative lunchtime’ provision to include FMS and Personal Best competition.

Increase range of equipment for physical activity, outside learning and competitive activity.

Storage solutions allow resource appropriate accessibility.




Teaching resources support the established aspiration for Outstanding teaching & Learning in PE.

Lesson Observations

Pupil sampling

Play leader feedback

Pupil PB competition data

Balance bike project provided by ‘ Pedal Power’.

Foundation Stage project to introduce cycle skills and FOM including balance. Supports/ extends the use existing equipment.


All FS engage in cycling project.

Progress in FOM balance tracked throughout.

Inflatable obstacle course/ pitch

Field based competitive activity days for all year groups.

Linked with Family Learning Week to include wider school community.

Initial spend- £600


Enables a parallel sponsored event and extended community usage out of school hours with PTA to fund target below.

Competition results for all classes.

Parental feedback

Increase weekly ASC capacity to allow identified children to attend a subsidised  ASC Sporting Opportunity.

ASC- targeted to specific groups within Class data sheets.

£350 per 12 weeks ( Solent SLA provided coaches)

£0 – subject to participation in Saints breakfast club project.

Club registers

SEND provision maps identify participation of specific pupils.


These projects will be delivered in part through our school specific SLA agreement with Sport Solent Affiliation Package.  Where opportunities are provided outside of this agreement, they will do so through the formation of new school club links with established, reputable local providers who are governed and regulated by their particular National Governing Bodies in line with the school’s Safeguarding policy.


How does Thornhill Primary School use its Sports Premium to ensure there is sustainability?

In order to promote sustainable outcomes in 2016/7 for PESS, Thornhill Primary School are:


  • Allocating our Sport Premium for 2016/7 to support  the School Development Plan.
  • Ensured CPD opportunities for the new NQT specialist teacher.
  • Promoting ASC clubs run by an increasing number of school based staff.
  • Promoting club links with those local NGB registered clubs who demonstrate a well- supported pathway into participation/ membership.
  • Pro-actively provide opportunities for student volunteers/ trainees to work alongside school based staff.
  • Engaging pupil voice and views of the wider school community through the School Council, Sport Ambassador programme and parental surveys.



How did Thornhill Primary use the Sport Premium for in 2015/6?


  • Professional development and NGB qualifications for teachers and support staff


  • Increase parental involvement in school sport through the Family Funs project.


  • Provision of free and subsidised ASC opportunities including:

      Multiskills, Gymnastics, Football, Tag Rugby, Cricket, Basketball,   

                 Badminton, Dance, Line dancing, Athletics, Hockey, Netball

                 Cross Country, Table tennis Golf and cycling.


  • Develop new competitive sports e.g handball through curriculum taster sessions and festivals to widen appeal of sport to all pupils.


  • Continued staff development for the teaching/ management of swimming to enable sustainability of swimming programme at the new venue in Hamble.


  • Modules for dance in 2 year groups to link to ASC and Rock Challenge.


  • Enable increase in participation in Level 2 competition at KS 2, particularly those involving Year 3 & 4.


  • Increase opportunities for inter-school competition at KS1.


  • Funding purchase of 15 balance bikes to continue Foundation Stage cycling project in-house and develop safe accessible storage for this equipment on site.


  • Leadership & Volunteering playmaker award for all Year 5 pupils to develop sustainable Level 1 competition and sport during break/lunchtimes.


  • School Games Roadshow competition for all pupils to sustain intra-school competition levels and signpost new sports.


  • Provision of ‘Edumove’ sport related booster sessions.


  • Provision of quality coaching cover to enable increased participation in festivals and competitions at Key stage 1 & 2.


  • Resourcing the development of increased Level 1 competition and fundamental movement clubs at break and lunchtimes.


  • Recruit and support parents in order to complete Level 1 NGB qualifications to enable support and sustainability of ASC for the future.






How did Thornhill Primary use the Sport Premium for in 2014/5?


  • Professional development and lifesaving award for 2 staff for swimming.


  • Professional development for 2 staff on Real PE’ fundamental skills staff training.


  • ‘Family Funs’ pilot project initial training and new resources for roll out in Autumn 2015.


  • City-wide PE conference enabling networking and tasters in variety of initiatives.


  • Leadership & Volunteering ‘Playmakers’ award for Year 5 pupils.


  • Staff CPD and dance modules with expert dance coach for year 3 & 4.


  • Staff CPD and 2 gymnastics coaches for Year 1 & 2 classes for 6 weeks to enable small group Level 1 competition on floor and apparatus.


  • ASC coaching for clubs and tasters for fencing, basketball and badminton.


  • Level 2 competition through the School Games Organiser.


  • Level 3 competition at Hampshire Youth Games for Netball (Yr 5 & 6) and Gymnastics (Yr 3 &4)


  • Whole school pupil PE survey.


  • School Games Roadshow- whole school competition based tasters.


  • Dance mats- class sessions promoting movement, maths and data handling with 100% children participating in Level 1 competition over 3 full days.


  • Invasion taster and Level 1 competitions using inflatable pitches for whole school.


  • Balance bikes challenge & whole day taster sessions for Foundation Stage children.


  • Golf coaching awards targeting participation of girls at Yr 5 - enabling new club links with K.O.G. golf society fundraisers and Hedge End Golf centre.


  • Provision of quality coaching cover for staff enabling access to training, city and county competitions within the school day.


  • Minibus transport to and from city festivals and competitions

The impact of spending 2013/2014 on Sport Premium

ASC and OOSH participation  comparative data over period of Sports Premium.


How many children attending 1 or more ASC clubs?

2013 ( same cohort)

% attending ASC

% attending OOSH


% attending ASC

% attending OOSH





























All year groups have increased participation with the exception of current Year 6, however attendance at competitions and festivals may have impacted this with 76% representing the school at Level 2 competition over this period.


Thornhill ASC sports offer from 2013- current date.

Clubs and activities are offered for sign-up on a termly and half termly basis. These are offered at the subsidised rate of £1 per week, with a number of free sessions available.


Activities on offer weekly at Thornhill Primary School this academic year.


Football KS 1 & 2

Football  FS

Multiskills KS1 & 2

Multiskills FS


Cross country


Tag Rugby




Line dancing

Street & Hip Hop Dance

Rock Challenge competition workshops






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