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Our vision is to grow successful learners, responsible citizens and safe and happy individuals.


The curriculum is the vehicle that drives this vision so we endeavour for our curriculum to be broad, balanced and engaging whilst promoting a love of learning which is contextualised and personalised to our pupils. We aim to design a curriculum that is:


  • Connected and sequenced. Key knowledge and skills are identified and progressive.  


  • Remembered. Planning is interleaved and spaced; there are deliberate opportunities to re-learn and make connections with what is already known. Retrieval tasks are purposefully planned to aid knowledge retention.


  • Equitable. The curriculum is relevant and offers experiences that children may not otherwise benefit from, allowing for a developing cultural capital.


Ultimately we aim to design a curriculum that will:


  1. Inspire
  2. Raise aspirations
  3. Build foundations for future choices


Subject leaders personalise the curriculum through developing 'Medium Term Plans' which build on prior subject knowledge. These plans develop an enquiry approach and allow children to deepen their understanding of identified main concepts and skills. The plans are progressive and allow for planned retrieval tasks as well as knowledge, skills and language development.


Our Curriculum Lead is Stephanie Neve and you can reach her at