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Key Stage 2 (Years 3 - 6)

In Key Stage 2, we build on the prior learning completed in Key Stage 1 and enhance children's knowledge as they grow through our school. We continue to focus on fostering children’s creativity, choice, and love of learning through increasing independence and a wide range of topics and educational experiences taught through numerous subjects. In Key Stage 2, the taught ‘core’ subjects are: English (reading, writing, speaking & listening) and Maths. These subjects are usually taught in the mornings.


The Non-core subjects taught in Key Stage 2 are Design & Technology (DT), Geography, History, Computing, Music, Personal Social Health Citizenship Education (PSHE), Physical Education (PE), Religious Education (RE), Science and French.


Throughout the year, pupils are assessed against learning objectives and the National Curriculum and this is reported to parents. At the end of Year 6, it is the outcomes of SATs tests that is reported to parents for Reading, Maths and Spelling and Grammar.  It is our aim that, through an engaging and vibrant curriculum, full of rich experiences, our pupils develop a life-long, love of learning.


Learning at Thornhill Primary School is focused on skills and as such we follow a similar method of planning for each of the core subject areas. 


Reading, Writing and Maths


Maths – We follow the White Rose scheme for maths in Key Stage 2. In classes, most lessons start with revisiting previously learnt mathematical concepts, before beginning the new learning through a teacher modelled 'I do/you do' approach. Children practice the skills in a specific area of maths and then apply their skills when assessed against their age-related expectations. Children are further challenged with deepening tasks.


Reading - Reading in Key Stage 2 takes place as an independent subject. We use the Accelerated Reader programme which encourages children to read for fluency and comprehension. After they have read a book, children complete a short summary test on this book and their score is logged on Accelerated Reader. Home reading is strongly encouraged and the aim would be for children to be reading at home at least 3 times a week. Children are provided with a 'learn to read' book, linked to their phonic ability, and they are also allowed to choose their own 'love to read' book from our library. 


Writing - Children focus on a series of skills at the start of a writing journey. They practice these skills and then rehearse their writing. Finally, they produce a piece of work that allows the child to apply the skills in a real-life context with an audience and purpose clearly in mind.


Non-Core Subjects


In a similar manner to Reading, Writing and Maths, our Non-Core subjects also follow a skill led approach. Through these subjects, we aim for our pupils to partake in a vast range of opportunities which deepen their knowledge and understanding the wider world, including faiths and cultures, so that they are exceptionally well prepared for the next steps in their education and for their life in modern Britain.