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At Thornhill Primary School, all children will become creative, inquisitive and lifelong mathematicians. They will use their arithmetical fluency and number sense to support them to reason and solve problems, and apply their mathematical understanding across the curriculum and beyond.


Children will explore increasingly difficult mathematical problems, moving through a range of concrete, pictorial and abstract representations to help them develop their understanding of different mathematical concepts, and how they relate to everyday situations. Lessons start with a review of prior learning to ensure that children have opportunities to revisit and embed key knowledge.


We believe that a fluent understanding of the multiplication tables up to 12 x 12 is integral to being successful mathematicians, and therefore we put an emphasis on the learning of tables. Children from Year 2 onwards are encouraged to practice their tables both in class and outside of school. This is supported through the use of Times Table Rock stars, which every child has a login for.


At Thornhill Primary School we are working closely with the Maths Hub to develop a Mastery curriculum. Lessons will provide children with opportunities to develop their fluency and number sense, encourage their use of mathematical language and give them opportunities to develop their reasoning skills.


Through our use of the White Rose curriculum, we are ensuring that our curriculum is comprehensive and cohesive, whilst breaking the learning down into small, manageable steps.