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realPE Legacy School

For the previous 3 years, Thornhill Primary has been a  Legacy school for Physical Education and a full member of the realPE learing community.

In  PE  sessions, the children learn the fundamental skills necessary for good physical movement as well as the vital personal, social, cognitive skills needed to succeed in PE as well as all other aspects of life and learning.

This learning is supported by strategies and resources provided by Create Development in their ‘realPE’



As a legacy school, Thornhill staff and pupils will be able to access Jasmine, an interactive on line learning platform. Professional development for staff is also provided, as well as numerous resources for class and club use by parents as well as children.



Showcase lesson from Matt, our real PE Legacy partner.


Classes from Year 1, ,2, 4 &5 and the PE team  lucky enough to enjoy a day of showcase lessons led by  Matt Alford from Create Development, who is our realPE Legacy coaching partner. Matt is pictured here showing the children their Personal Abilty Cog for Learning as he introduced a series of fun, fast fundamental challenges. We look forward to working closely with Matt on our Legacy journey over the next two years as we introduce lots of exciting initiatives.

RealGym Showcase Lessons 


Following a twilight training session to the PE team, Matt demonstrated the new realGym curriculum for Years R,2,3 and 4.