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At Thornhill Primary School, we want our children to be naturally curious about the world around
them. We endeavour to develop in our children a deeper understanding of how science changes and
shapes the world we live in. Whilst embracing their sense of wonder about natural phenomena and
guiding them to become enquiry-based learners, encouraging a life-long love for science. Children
are encouraged to ask questions and be inquisitive, our Science curriculum not only fosters a healthy
fascination about their surrounds but also promotes respect for it. Our engagement with the local
environment ensures children learn through varied and first-hand experiences, with frequent and
continuous outdoor learning embedded within the curriculum, we seize the opportunity to make full
use of our pond area and extensive woodlands.


Progression of substantive and disciplinary knowledge is carefully planned to ensure full coverage is
taught, practice and progressed throughout a child’s time at TPS. New vocabulary and key concepts
are explicitly introduced through direct teaching and modelling. Topics such as the human body are
developed in each year group, allowing the children to grow their understanding, build on prior
knowledge and embed this within their long-term memory. A child’s understanding of the
disciplinary knowledge becomes more proficient as they begin the select and use scientific
equipment, collate and interpret results and become increasing confidence in drawing conclusions
based on evidence and presenting their findings.


Planning for Science involves ensuring children are given full coverage of the ‘National Curriculum of
study for Science 2014’ and ‘Understanding the World’ in Early Years Foundation Stage. At the start
of a unit of work the children are asked document what they already know about the topic – this
provides the teacher with an insight into the children’s starting points for the topic, which in turn
informs planning. A record of this is kept in their books. At the end of a unit the children with take
part in a ‘unit review’, where the children will show the key concepts they have learnt and what they
now know about the topic, this can take form in a variety of ways from concept maps to fact files,
infographics and quizzes. The teacher can the gain a clear understanding of the key knowledge a
child is secure in and that which they are yet to secure.

Learning opportunities allow children to develop their skills of collaboration and apply their reading,
writing and speaking skills. Upon leaving Thornhill Primary School it is our intention that our children
will have resilience and confidence to independently initiate scientific enquiry and investigation.
With exposure to a range of scientists from different backgrounds all children are able to feel they
are scientists and capable of shaping the future of their world.