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Welcome to the PTA section!

Thornhill Primary School Parent and Teachers Association

At our school we run an active PTA group. Their main aim is to raise funds to both support and extend the children’s learning. During the year they run a variety of fundraising events including the Summer and Winter Fayres and the Easter Raffle. In addition, a range of other events are also organised or funded by them including themed discos, Christmas parties and parents' coffee mornings.

The committee meets at least once a half term and is led by the Chair, Miss Elizabeth Bowden . Committee members are:


Chair - Miss Elizabeth Bowden
Treasurer – Mrs Karen O’Hara (

Parents and carers 

We welcome new members and if you would like to join us please leave your details at the front office.

Impact of the PTA


* The PTA are supporting the long term IT plan and have given money towards purchasing a set of Ipads to be used across the school. We will be looking at the impact they have alongside the new curriculum. 

* The PTA supported the design and creation of our new school website. Everyone is over the moon with it!


* The PTA have agreed to support the funding of the Level 6 writing provision. This supports 6 pupils to attend additional writing groups during school time with the support of a local English Advisor. Trips have included Sea City Museum and Southampton Art Gallery where some inspirational writing has evolved! One pupil in the group commented:


"I am thoroughly enjoying my Level 6 Writing booster because it is helping me with my writing to use higher level phrases and words. Plus we have been fortunate to go on two trips - the Art Gallery and the Sea City Museum. The Sea City Museum was particularly enjoyable because we went into the court room and listened to some of the cases about after the Titanic sunk. It was very informative and exciting"!