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The Healthy Lunchbox

The Healthy Lunchbox Challenge

Healthy Tip! - Keep your lunchbox clean. Make sure you take it home and wash it thoroughly daily.
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Make a sugar swap!

When it comes to cutting down on sugar, even just one or two swaps can really make a difference to how much sugar your child is eating – and when they go back to school is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start and to introduce some simple swaps into the school day.

Making a cereal swap at breakfast, popping a lower-sugar yoghurt in their lunchbox, or switching to a slice of malt loaf or a scotch pancake as an after-school snack are just a few of the easy ways to help make a day healthier.

Get help with swaps and tips

The Change4Life website can  help your family cut back on sugar, with lots of great tips and ideas, so you can make some simple swaps:

Cut sugar with a swap!

Instead of chocolate, cake bars or pudding pots, pick:

  • a slice of malt loaf
  • a fruited teacake
  • sugar-free jelly
  • fresh or tinned fruit (in juice, not syrup)

Pop in a lower-sugar fromage frais

Make fromage frais pots a new lunchbox fave – they're a healthier choice than split pot yoghurts.


 Drink  swaps

 Swap from chocolate milkshake to water with sliced lemon and berries

Swap from: Swap to:
cola water
juice drinks lower-fat milks
milkshakes sugar-free drinks
fizzy drinks no added sugar drinks


Yoghurt swaps


Swap from split pot yoghurts to lower-sugar, low-fat yoghurts

Swap from: Swap to:
split pot yoghurts lower-sugar fromage frais pots
higher-sugar yoghurts lower-sugar yoghurts
  plain natural yoghurt


Pudding swaps


Swap from chocolate pudding pots to sugar-free rice pudding and sliced fruit

Swap from: Swap to:
cake bars sugar-free jelly
chocolate pudding pots lower-sugar yoghurt
doughnuts fresh or tinned fruit (in juice)
muffins lower-sugar rice pudding
  lower-sugar custard

Snack swaps


Swap from cake bars to a slice of malt loaf with slices of banana

Swap from: Swap to:
chocolate bars a slice of malt loaf
biscuits a scotch pancake
doughnuts a crumpet
muffins crackers and lower-fat cheese
other sugary snacks plain rice cakes
  fresh or tinned fruit salad
  chopped veg and lower-fat hummus
  a lower-fat, lower-sugar yoghurt
  sugar-free jelly
  bread or toast