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Thornhill Sports Awards Programme

Schools use competitive sport to energise the entire school culture; their leaders understand its value and continually promote it”.


“But the real value of competitive sport is the positive effect it has on education.  Schools that win on the field win in the exam hall!”


Wilshaw (2014), Going the extra mile – Excellence in competitive school sport

Our aim

●   Increase participation in the least active.
●   Increase the number of young people engaging in interschool competition.
●   Develop progression and pathways into club and community sport.

Competition- what does each level mean?


Level 1 Competition - school based against other members of your class, year group or the wider Thornhill community.


Level 2 Competition - against other schools in the Southampton area.


Level 3 Competition - compete at county level (Hampshire School Games or Club competition).

Bronze Award

  •         Attend 1 After School Sport Club


  •         Represent Thornhill Primary School in a Level 1 Competition


  •         Represent Thornhill Primary School in a Level 2 Competition


  •         Lead and Volunteer during PE and School Sport Activities


  •         Be prepared for all PE and School Sport learning

Silver Award

  • Attend 3 After School Sport Clubs.


  • Represent Thornhill  in 3 Level 2  Competitions.


  • Attend 1 Out of School Sport Opportunities.


  • Lead and Volunteer in PE and School Sport Activities.

Gold Award

  • Attend 3 After School Sport Clubs.


  • Attend 2 Out of School Sport Opportunities.


  • Regularly represent Thornhill in Level 2 competition.


  • Represent a Community Club in  Level 2 or 3 Competition


  • Be active as a Sport Crew helper.

The award badges are presented in assembly and are worn on your school jumper. 

Awards and their criteria are regularly reviewed in school by the PE team. If you have competed any part of an award at a community club , please share it with us!