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KS1 PE Homework

PE Home Challenges KS1 —Spring


In PE we are focusing on developing our balance.  We are developing both our dynamic and static balance.  Try some of the challenges below, either at home or in the playground.


  • Find a line outside and practise walking along it with your eyes closed for a few steps.    See if you’ve managed to stay on the line.


  • Find a line or a low wall outside and practise walking along it while raising your knees. 


  • When you’re waiting in line or brushing your teeth, try lifting your heels up and count to 5 or more. 


  • Practise driving your knees up when walking upstairs. 


  • See how many different objects you can find to practise balancing on with your heels raised.  You can also try with eyes closed. 


  • Find different lines and objects to balance on and, with your heels raised, make up a hand clapping routine.


  • Try moving slowly with a friend with your inside knee moving up at the same time.


  • Try adding half turns and knee-raises in your hand clapping routine. Don’t forget to keep your heels raised.