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KS1 PE Homework

PE Home Challenges KS1 — Autumn Term 2020 


In PE we are focusing on developing our coordination (footwork patterns) and one leg static balance. Try some of the challenges below, either at home or in the playground.


  • Find a line outside and practise side stepping in both directions and practise a gallop on either foot. 


  • Find a line and practise hopping on either foot and skipping along a line. 


  • When you’re waiting in line try and balance on either foot for 10 seconds, without losing your balance.  


  • Practise combining side steps with 180 degree pivot off either foot and try the same with a reverse pivot (backwards). 


  • See if you can skip with knee and opposite elbow both at 90 degree and try practising hopping forwards and backwards hopping on the same foot. 


  • Try and balance on either foot for 30 seconds without losing your balance and then try and see if you can add 5 mini squats on each leg.. 


  • Try to complete a 3 zigzag pattern forwards and backwards.


  • Try standing on each leg for 30 seconds with eyes closed and then see if you can add 5 ankle extensions on each leg.