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KS2 PE homework



Autumn Term 2020


Yr 3 & 4 PE Home Challenges 


In PE we are working on developing our coordination skills (footwork patterns). Try and keep your head up and back straight, work off the balls of your feet and bend your knees and use your arms to help you balance.

 Try some of the challenges below, either at home or in the playground.


  • With fluency and control try side stepping in both directions and then try a gallop leading with either foot. 


  • I can hop on either foot and practise to skip. 


  • Practise your hopscotch forwards and backwards hopping on the same foot and to combine side stepping with 180 degree pivot and then try a reverse pivot (backwards). 


  • I can skip with knee and opposite elbow both at 90 degree. 


  • I can hopscotch forwards and backwards alternating my hopping leg each time and complete a 3 step zigzag pattern forwards and backwards. 


  • I can complete all of these movements gradually increasing the speed of each skill. 


Yr 5& 6 Homework Challenges Autumn 2020


Devise your own activity or game to develop your sending and receiving skills (coordination) and ball chasing skills (agility) thinking of ways to make it more challenging.


With a friend or using a wall using both right and left hand/feet and at least 5 times in a row strike a ball in a rally. 


With right and left hand alternately throw and catch two tennis balls against a wall. Try and beat your Personal Best!


Continue to practise your sending and receiving FUNS challenges.