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KS2 PE homework



Spring Term


Yr 3 & 4 PE Home Challenges 


In PE we are working on developing our sending and receiving ball skills. We need to think about keeping our eyes focused on the ball, moving our feet to get in line with the ball when receiving and try to have ‘soft hands’ when catching. Try some of the challenges below, either at home or in the playground.


  • Find a wall and, starting off with an easy challenge, try and make 10 x 2-handed catches in a row. Once successful, continue with 2-handed catches but think of ways to increase the challenge, for example move further back.


  • With a partner, create your own throwing and catching game or challenge that you can teach another pair.


  • Find a wall and, with a partner, create your own throwing and catching game or challenge.


  • I can throw a tennis ball against a wall or with a partner and catch it with the same hand after one bounce.


  • I can alternately roll two balls against a wall or to a partner, using both hands, sending one as the other is returning.


  • With a partner, practise the Juggle Challenge and Roller Ball activities.


Yr 5& 6 Homework Challenges


Devise your own activity or game to develop Counter Balance, thinking of ways to make it more challenging.


With a friend, come up with a sequence of jumps that you can synchronise and which includes changes of height, flight and shapes.


Standing on 1 leg on an imaginary river bank, lunge forward into the river, pick up an object and see how far into the ‘river’ you can place it without losing balance. Try and beat your Personal Best!


Continue to practise your Dynamic Balance to Agility and One Leg Balance FUNS challenges.