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Whole School Tasters

Bags of Character Roadshow - February 2020

Year 3 and 4 were lucky enough to experience Sport Solent's Bags of Character Roadshow. All the children were challenged to cooperate successfully in order to solve some unique physical problems. These ranged from turning the magic carpet over to undoing a sequence of knots in a climbing rope using their whole body. 

Freddie Fit Roadshow- February 2020

Freddie Fit's Roadshow pulled into Thornhill for the first time. Over two days, Freddie put all the children through their paces in a fun- filled , competitive and informative mixture  of wonderful challenges and activities. Helpful hints on how to keep fit, the importance of keeping hydrated and how to eat healthily as well as lots of exercise and competitive challenges  were important messages delivered to all classes in a fun, interactive format.

Dance Mats

Every class in the school competed in the dance mat challenge. Solent Sport provided the technology to convert the school hall into the Dance Mat Dance Zone. Children practised individually and with partners to move with  speed and accuracy to lots of different beats.  Each child's score and position was displayed as a percentage, which allowed children to check their personal best and improve it on their next go. Each session culminated in a grand competition to crown a year group winner. Their scores will then go forward in to a virtual league with other Southampton schools.


Top scorers are:

Year R: George     14.74

              Janina        29.33

              Blake         20.95

              Logan       26.99


Year 1:  Jake         30.78

              Immy      25.46

              Freddie    26.34


Year 2:  Max         32.31

               Finn        42.54


Year 3: Leo           55.11

              Alan         62.28

              Affia         63.57


Year 4: Zachary  40.83

             Alex         50.41

             Nyla         59.60


Year 5:  Jack       59.99

               Jamie     40.15

               Eric        46.96


Year 6:   Lydia     65.92

               Cara       60.67

               Madison 67.57


Even the staff competed!

Miss Bowden took great delight in beating Mr Collins - 86.6% to 86.2%!